Thursday, October 1, 2015

Turning over a greener leaf

They say a secret can strengthen the friendship bond. I second that.

Previously, I spent less wisely on my last semester of my degree years. It was the day of my pre-graduation night, where despite the shower of glittering lights, my life was doomed by a flight of peer pressure. What am I gonna do with my outstanding degree results?, I thought. I have a number of friends whom great companies patiently await for their graduation, as they have shown promising degree of competency during their internship. Me? I felt trapped in a cone of comfort zone, barely able to breath the air of security. 

And then, there's this one perfect stranger. Define perfect stranger. 

A perfect stranger is someone who knows no shit about significant people in your life, has a ribbon of wisdom that unfolds itself at the insanely right moment and unexpectedly has the same taste of music of yours. Yes, that one time, you allow this perfect stranger to enter your chamber of uncertainty. 

This perfect stranger knows when to listen and when to deliver an ear-soothing respond. The perfect stranger also tries to let out his/her feelings to you, ends it with "I have never told anyone about this before". Poof! Two people are now pronounced as friends! 

Perfect stranger is no longer perfect, only way less than that. I started to get worried with my life again. I thought I needed that least perfect stranger but then again, I thought "I need to be alone at the moment". I grabbed my coat and walk on the street, but it was neither pleasing. It's funny though how at times like this, suddenly all Coldplay songs make sense. I was too busy hoping for the road to be any promising than its current navigation. I ended up crying on it. A few seconds after that, I snapped my fingers out of this one sudden thought. 

Expectation. That's what upsets me all this while. 

And so, I started to find a practical job. Tired of being a door mat, so I stepped out from my current social circle and joined the new social group. Everything falls into places, yet. 

Yes, that's what I need all this time. A brand new and fluffy rug with a designer's tag on it. 

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