Friday, November 10, 2017


On my 18th birthday,
My friends threw me a surprise party. They coated me with tepung dan telur, bought me one whole cheese cake and made my senior crush knelt before me with a flush-toy flower. 

On my 19th birthday,
I went out with my classmate. Yes, he's a friend. I was in love with him but he didn't know that. We watched a movie and had dinner at the food court. It was not fancy, but it was my first date.

On my 20th birthday,
I had my friend, Ilani stayed over my house. She made me a red velvet cake. No one has ever baked me something before. 

On my 21st birthday,
for the first time in my life, I celebrate my birthday as somebody's girlfriend. So I brought my boyfriend to see my best friend. It was the nicest sushi dinner.

On my 22nd birthday,
My best friend chose his assignment over my birthday dinner. He made me cry like 12 on my birthday. I had the longest silent walk with my boyfriend before my best friend turned up with a slice of cake. It was the most poyo birthday.

On my 23rd birthday,
Nolan released his 9th film, Interstellar. I watched it with my loved ones; my brothers, my eldest brother's girlfriend and five of my best friends. The movie turned out to be my all time favourite.

On my 24th birthday,
My colleagues surprised me a bunny cake while I'm doing my work. I thought they didn't remember, but they did. I had my first birthday at my first working place. 

On my 25th birthday,
I've got less than two months left before my working place is closing down. My mom was in Surabaya, my brothers were in their college. I was alone at house. I went for a lunch by myself. When I arrived at my office, nobody was there, not until 3pm, tu pun only two turned up. When I was 18, I imagined my life at 25 as having a steady job, made at least one music video and traveled to at least one country, but none of that happens. I'm losing my job and I'm broke. Quarter-life crisis is real. Every year my birthday was all cakes and sushis, but on my 25th birthday I bought my own candles.