Sunday, January 3, 2010


special for new year fever.the awardless award.

my top five celebrity crush:

1.henry golding.
2.taylor lautner.
3.orlando bloom.
4.jung ji hoon (rain la senang cerita)
5.zahiril adzim.

top five songs that i craze on so much in 2009

1.guris by twickhead only live once-the stroke.
3.getaran jiwa-p.ramlee.
4.what is happening-alphabeat.
5.after dark-ost bleach

top five my crazy day in 2009 to danga with anishu,naja and linggo until dawn. supersweet seventeen in hostel
3.gig at city plaza like hell.
4.five day before spm.
5.19 december.i had my blinddate with.......

top five most colour that i had used in 2009

top five topics i ever think of during my daydream in 2009

1.which courses to choose
3.a perfect reunion outfits
5.a good sleep.

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